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Well-Being at Work Card® – competence and motivation for development through training

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The Well-being at Work Card® training provides a clear direction and tools for continuous development in the workplace. It helps to form a common understanding of well-being at work, outlines roles and responsibilities, and promotes cooperation.

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The Well-being at Work Card® training is organised as online and face-to-face training as well as a combination of these – blended training. The content of all the training forms is the same, so the participants can choose the one that suits them best.

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For whom?

The training is meant for management and all personnel. The work community benefits the most when as many people as possible participate in the training and work together to improve well-being at work.

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Well-being at work means safe, healthy and productive work, done by skilful employees and work communities in a well-managed organisation. Work is seen as meaningful and important. Work supports other aspects of life.

Well-Being at Work Card® Training

Do you want to improve the well-being of your work community, ensure its smooth functioning and help it find the joy of working and work engagement? The Well-being at Work Card® training inspires and guides management and personnel to develop their workplace together.